WELCOME! We are so appreciative that you have offered your time, talents and experience to enhance the services Sonya’s House INC provides to individuals in need. Volunteer service is a way to give back to the community and to gain valuable experience for the future. Sonya’s House INC strives to identify the rights and expectations between Sonya’s House INC and volunteers, and to protect Sonya’s House INC clients, employees, volunteers, and all others who assist to achieve the Sonya’s House INC mission. In the following pages, you will find Sonya’s House INC Volunteer Policies and Procedures. Please take your time reviewing this document. We are confident that you will find Sonya’s House INC to be a very “volunteer-friendly” and rewarding environment. These policies were put into place to help guide you and Sonya’s House INC and to answer basic questions regarding your volunteer relationship with Sonya’s House INC. I know that you will enjoy volunteering with Sonya’s House INC as much as we will appreciate having you as one of the team. I hope you will find your involvement to be rewarding, and that you know you will make a difference in the lives of others.


Thank you so much for your valuable and much appreciated time

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